What to Do With the Used Paperback Books?

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What to Do With the Used Paperback Books?

Do you have one used paperback book or dozens? Paperback books are a growing trend among avid readers and get passed around quite a bit. Today, you can pick up used paperback books at garage sales for as little as a quarter a piece. Paperbacks have always been cheaper than hardbound books and thus, the cost is significantly less when used.

While it is true that paperbacks are cheaper than their hardbound counterparts, the question arises – “Do you have a place to store all of the used paperbacks that you buy?” Even though they are cheap, and even though you may pick some up for a quarter, do you always find the ones that you are looking for? If you just like to get your hands on reading material and and you don’t mind collecting books, then it would be feasible for you to pick them up at garage sales. However, if you are picky about what you like to read, then you may want to considering renting paperbacks rather than buying them.

Rent Used Paperback Books

Both my husband and I are avid readers and between the two of us we read an average of 10 to 12 books a month. After a few months, you can imagine the piles of books that we had scattered around the house. In fact, when we moved last year, and because my husband didn’t want to part with any of his books (because he owned them), we actually had ten 1’x1′ boxes filled with books! Being that we don’t have a library in our home, I have since talked him into borrowing books instead of buying them.

While borrowing books does save you both time and money, it is okay if you want to buy a book or two because you will read it over and over again and want your own personal copy. I still let my husband splurge and buy some – just not as many as we both were in the past. By renting used paperback books and joining an online book club, we actually save money and have thousands of titles to choose from right at our fingertips! I now don’t have to go hunting for a book written by my favorite author, because they are always available right here online.

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