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Audio Book Rental Tips

Traditional publishers are facing growing competition from the world of e-book publishers, Audio book publishers and Print on Demand (POD) houses as tape/CD audio book rentals and purchases soar. The traditional role of publishers, has now been challenged. The Internet has in turn challenged the dominance of any single traditional media be it print, photography, radio, television or cable. Print can now be delivered in a variety of formats and one of these growing formats is audio.

Instead of having to open a book, with an audio book, you press a play button and rewind, pause or fast-forward to the part you want to hear! Audio books are great for those who have trouble reading (either because of eyesight or other reading problem) as well as for those who are traveling or just like being read too. Audio books have been around for years, but now are becoming quite popular – even students and business people alike use them to help with learning.

Audio Book Rental Online Now!

Whether you want to purchase or rent, you’ll find audio books right here on the Internet! Audio book rentals are growing as audio books can cost as much as $80 for unabridged selections. Renting, particularly during times when money is tight, is a very compelling proposition. Today, you have your own online library right at your fingertips and can choose from a wide selection of books!

Just about any title, from bestsellers to classics to bodice-ripping romance novels to textbooks, are available in audio format. Audio books are published on both CDs and cassettes and can be found on online book stores. Most titles, particularly the unabridged versions are available on cassettes and can be listened to while driving. A few publishers also offer downloadable MP3 audio books on the Web at about half the cost of books on tape. By joining one of the online book clubs, you can rent as many books as you want, for as long as you want for less than $10 a month. What a great way to read and save money!

Book Rental Stores Are Great!

If you are like me and are an avid reader, you may be upset over the growing cost of books and are now looking for a book rental store! Well, you are on the right track! Today, there are book rental stores that can be found right here online. By borrowing books instead of buying them, you save both money and space! Unless you have a huge library, storing books can get out-of-hand.

Both my husband and I are avid readers and between the two of us, we read anywhere from 10 to 12 books a month. Previously we were buying our books which were costing us anywhere from $4 to $15 a book, depending on what we choose. Because we didn’t want to give up reading and we enjoy it so much, we started to look for bargains. We did find some at garage sales and library book sales, but it was always hard to find particular books, especially bestsellers. In addition, we ended up having boxes and boxes of books and no place to keep them.

Of course we tried borrowing books from our local library, but we found that they didn’t always have the books we wanted either. This is when we turned to looking around online to see what was available.

About Online Rental Book Stores

There are few different online book stores that rent books and it is best to find one that has large selection to choose from. Some have you pay for them to mail the book to you, while others don’t. Some limit you on the number of books you can borrow, while others allow you to borrow as many as you want for as long as you want. Be sure to look around and find one that offers you the most for joining their book club, and get reading!

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